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Exciting news on ‘O2’

Three bits of exciting news. 👍

Book news #1 – I’m really pleased to reveal the final cover for my next novel: ‘O2’. Much has been happening in the past few weeks with proofreading and final edits completed (but, does it ever end? 😱) and final production of the paperback and eBook versions now locked and loaded with my distributors.

Book news #2 – the release date for ‘O2’ has been set for 22 June 2023. This date may change (depending on book launch events) but that’s the target for now.

Book news #3 – pre-orders for the ‘O2’ eBook are now available. You can pre-order from Amazon and other online retailers now and have the eBook auto-delivered to your device on release day. The price is set low for pre-orders at $4.99 (AU), so if eBooks are your thing, here’s your chance.

I can’t wait to get this book into your hands. This is a story that started from a left-field idea and a collection of unrelated real-life events, and became a tale of human resilience and courage I’ve come to fall in love with. The characters are ‘people’ I can’t stop thinking about and I hope you’ll enjoy them too.

For more info on the book, see my website: https://nicdalessandro.com/o2-novel/

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