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Writing update – January 2024

Hello! It’s 2024 already and overdue for an update…

I’ve been deliberately quiet on the promotional and social side of my writing in recent months. I took a break after releasing the ‘O2‘ novel to recharge my batteries.

However … things have been busy behind closed doors. I’ve been finishing the first draft of my next novel: ‘The Narrows Run‘. I’m really pleased with how this book has developed. I’ve had a ball creating the characters, the plot, and weaving the threads of this captivating story.

The first draft is only half the journey, though, and there’s more work ahead before the book is published. The manuscript is being taken (ie forced!) through rounds of self-editing at the moment before I send it off to my beta-reading team. From there, the manuscript will go to my editor to work her magic.

When will the book be released?‘ I hear you ask. Good question! It all depends on how ‘The Narrows Run‘ is finally published. I’m intending to approach traditional publishers, and, if the manuscript is picked up, it’ll be at least a year or two before the finished book appears on shelves. If I self-publish, the earliest it could be released will be late 2024.

And while ‘The Narrows Run‘ is being edited and polished I’ll turn my attention to planning and drafting the next manuscript. This may be the second book in the Dylan Malloy Series (title yet to be announced), or one of two other concepts I currently have on the drawing board. Decisions, decisions!

I’ll provide further updates to keep you posted. Don’t forget to subscribe for my email newsletters and offers.

Happy reading!

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